What is power washing?

Power washing, or pressure washing, is the growing application of high pressure water spray. Produced by specially designed pumps, this spray is a hundred times more powerful than the typical garden hose. On concrete it is used to remove unsightly mold, bubble gum, and other dirt stains. Wooden decks are returned to the look of new wood, void of graying and fatigued finishes. And on houses, the appearance of siding (namely aluminum and vinyl) is greatly improved by removing pollution, mildew, and other signs of neglect.

Nozzle Usage:

0º – red nozzle: Narrow and powerful stream of water. Used for very difficult to remove stains, caked mud, tough dirt.
15º – yellow nozzle: Uses a small angle of spray for focused cleaning. Good for somewhat difficult to remove dirt.
25º – green nozzle: Uses a medium angle of spray for washing sensitive and soft surfaces (deck, fence, aluminum etc.)
40º – white nozzle: Largest angle of spray used for cleaning surfaces quickly and for rinsing.
65º – soap (black) nozzle: Soap tip is used in conjunction with the cleaning fluid. This is the only nozzle that can be used with cleaning solutions.

What chemicals can be used?

Use only cleaning solutions that are power washer approved. On our pressure-washer-chemicals page you will find sufficient solutions that are safe for your machine, plus they are biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

Why can’t chemical injection be used under high pressure?

Applying chemicals in low pressure has two advantages. First, if the chemicals were applied in high pressure, they will splash off, resulting in wasted solution. Secondly, because chemical injection only works in low pressure, you can change from low pressure to high pressure at the wand, instead of going back to the unit to engage chemical injection.

Can I use bleach in my pressure washer?

NO! You must NOT use any household bleach with your machine. By using them you will damage the seals and o-rings in the gun, wand, hoses and pumps.

Can I use hot water with my pressure washer?

NO! Hot water can cause damage to the o-rings and pump. Once water reaches 145°F, the thermal relief will activate. Note: some of our units have 160º F and 180º F max temperature pumps (see our Hot Water Pressure Washers).

Can I use water from a lake?

NO! Water that is drawn from a lake may contain debris that will cause the pump not to perform correctly. Also, it will shorten the life of the pump since they are not designed to draw water from a stationary source.